Who Could Abandon Manek Basha?

In Batlaguntu, India, Devika Khazvini has started a shelter for homeless cats (and an occasional dog) at Parasparam, an orphanage for disabled girls. The girls help care for the cats, and so everyone is helped.

Devika writes about her latest rescue, Manek Basha:

Last week an autorickshaw (three-wheeler) stopped on KNK Road, next to a popular art gallery. A well dressed young woman got down and took a young dog out of the auto. He had a collar and was obviously hers. She then got into the auto and drove away. The little one tried to chase the auto, was completely lost and frightened. Viji of Max Mueller (the German cultural institute) took it into the Bhavan, removed a whole load of ticks, fed him and asked the watchmen who found him to look after him. They named him Manek Basha. But they don't want to look after him and are afraid he could be hit by a car as there is a lot of traffic. He is docile and trusting and when Viji had to put him in an auto he started trembling.

There is nothing I can do about the fact that educated, so-called decent people can just abandon dependent pets in this callous manner. I can only hope that somewhere in their own lives their destiny teaches them a lesson. All we can do is try to find this little fellow a home, he really deserves it. Viji took him for his shots etc, during which he didn't make the least bit of fuss....as you can all see he is a sweetheart and will make someone an absolutely wonderful pet.

Let us hope to get lucky, dear friends, for this sweet dog, but either way he will be sure to be taken care of well now.


C/O Devika Khazvini - cattitudetrust@gmail.com

Happy ending: Manek Basha has now found a loving home, thanks to the efforts of Devika and Viji!