Peace on Earth and goodwill to all animals..
There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and cats. -- Albert Schweitzer

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The Lynx-One of the world's most endangered species..details and pictures.
The Unforgettable True Story Of Fella
Regi, the Handicapped Cat
Katie, the One-Eyed Cat: A Tribute
The Miracle of Jemmy the Dog
Who would abandon Manek Basha?
..More doggie articles..
Must-watch video - the street cats of Toronto..
Another must-watch video
The Cattitude Trust..changing attitudes towards cats..
"Helping feral cats. It's never black and white.."
The Parasparam Cat Shelter
Mother Viji.. A Tribute

Neutering: Facts and Fallacies
Cat Age Calculator
Nutrition Calculator for Cats & Dogs
Handling, Restraint & Physical Examination of Cats & Dogs
Why do cats..? (if you thought you knew cats so well..)
Wittering On About Cats - Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)
Two-legged kitten with Amazing Grace
Dog saves kittens tossed in a bag on the highway
A Hurricane Rescue Story
Marry a MAN!

How to Toilet Train your Cat
How to introduce your new cat to your dog
How to maintain peace in a multi-cat household
How to clean cat urine
Quick Tips to take better kitten pictures
What you feed your cat does make a difference..
Maybe NOW more cat parents will switch from dry food..
How to stop your cat from scratching your furniture
Tips to prevent your cat from spraying
Household dangers to cats
Cats can be trained to dial..
Have fun with your little kitten
Cat in the lap will always foil one's toil
Cats, People and the Black Plague
Diabetes in Cats
Parasite causes concern among cats, owners (Toxoplasmosis)
Beware cats that attack
The family cat - pet or wild animal?
Your Cat's Life in Captivity - How to Simulate Conditions of the Wild...
Owning a wild or exotic cat..
Interior decorating for cat owners
Cat that had open heart surgery
Cat survives 70 miles under SUV
Spring allergies in pets
Cat secrets revealed

"I often wonder where lie hidden the boundaries of recognition between man and the beast whose heart knows no spoken language. Through what primal paradise in a remote morning of creation ran the simple path by which their hearts visited each other" - Rabindranath Tagore

Some very interesting articles from BBC:
1. Cat allergies 'could be blocked' (hypo-allergenic cats)
2. Immune system 'fights allergies'
3. Pets 'could lower allergy risk'
4. Keeping pets 'prevents allergies'

Put Felix on your desktop. This cute cat will do all sorts of things and keep you entertained while you work or surf. Can be downloaded as the exe file or a zip file (unzip and run felix.exe). This is a freebie.. no spyware/adware, promise!!

felix.exe (300 Kb) (218 Kb)

Retriever cat!

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